Where do I fit in?

So far, we have examined in detail two main branches of the Sinnerud Family.  We refer to them as "Upper Sinnerud" and "Lower Sinnerud" (in Norwegian "Øvre Sinnerud" and "Nedre Sinnerud") branches of our family because that is the name of the farms on which certain family lived as of the late 1800s.  You might fit into one or both of these branches of the Sinnerud family, depending upon who your ancestors are.

To find out where you fit, consider the following:

Upper Sinnerud

Peter Kristofferson Sinnerud (1842-1906) and Anne Olsdatter Sletten (1840-1922) purchased "Upper Sinnerud" farm in the latter part of the 19th century.  They had eight children:

  1. 1.Kristian Sinnerud (1866-1920)

  2. 2.Martin Sinnerud (1869-1892)

  3. 3.Julius P. Sinnerud (1871-1966)

  4. 4.Aksel Sinnerud (1874-1912) (In 1895 Aksel married Eli Sinnerud, the girl next door whose family had owned "Lower Sinnerud" farm for hundreds of years.)

  5. 5.Peter Sinnerud (1876-1972)

  6. 6.Anna Soffie Sinnerud (1878-1939)

  7. 7.Sigurd Sinnerud (1881-1963)

  8. 8.Otto Sinnerud (1885-1961)

If you are a descendant of any of these eight Sinneruds, you are in what we have labeled the "Upper Sinnerud" family.


Lower Sinnerud

Nils Nilsen Sinnerud (1795-1859) and Eli Olsdatter Gollersrud (1799-1879) owned "Lower Sinnerud" farm.  They had seven children:

  1. 1.Nils Nilsen Sinnerud (1828-1901) (father of Eli Sinnerud who married the boy next door, Aksel Sinnerud from "Upper Sinnerud" farm and emigrated to North America in 1910)

  2. 2.Ingeborg Sinnerud (1830 - ??)

  3. 3.Ole Sinnerud (1832 - ??) (Moved to Texas.  We have no information.)

  4. 4.Sidsel Sinnerud (1834-1917)

  5. 5.Simen Sinnerud (1843 - ??)

  6. 6.Eli Sinnerud (1837 - ??)

If you are a descendant of any of these seven Sinneruds, you are in the "Lower Sinnerud" family.

Sinnerud Family History